Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's a red letter day for Miss Em. I am sitting at the orthodontists office right now waiting as she gets her braces off. I'll post this after I get a chance to get home and take a couple of pictures. We will have to do something to celebrate tonight, though I bet her mouth is going to be too sore for much besides ice cream.She's been giddy all day kind of bouncing off the walls. I really hadn't made the connection completely until we left for the doctors office. I thought she was just reacting to her first week of home school. Maybe it was some of that too. She only has Caleb and I to hang around with during the day, and we aren't as fun as a bunch of 14 year old girls! She was pretty excited to finish yesterday at 12:50pm. I hope she keeps loving it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ostrich Days

Have I mentioned that I tend to be an ostrich? (Picture the head in the sand one not the funny looking thing ambling up the road in front of the car in South Africa:) I find it amusing that I actually own a picture of an ostrich that I TOOK IN AFRICA!) Anyway I digress.

I am an Ostrich, I think I've mentioned it once or twice before:) When things get bad my tendency is to pretend that if I ignore them they will go away. I guess that has been my reasoning for not posting lately. Things at home are not fabulous, so my desire to talk about anything has been at a very low ebb. I have found more excuses that I thought possible not to post, but I've run out.

Randy is still out of work, (I'm honestly tired of saying that.) The house has not sold and we are about at our wit's end. I know God is doing something. I just have no idea what it is! There have been days when I have simply not felt His presence. I've cried and raged, submitted and been humbled. I go as far as I can then I lose it and stick my head back in the sand for a day or so desperately trying not to think about anything, let alone have to put it out there for everyone to see. So sorry for being so ostrich like and avoiding. I promise to try to get back on track.
I know that this time in my family's life is all about being sifted. I just pray that we are found faithful in the end. I know God wouldn't allow all this to happen without a reason. I know we will come out of this stronger for having gone through it, but its a hard path to walk right now. Please pray that we are found faithful.